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Writer's Block: Singles Awareness Day
Living on Minimum Wage
minimumwager wrote in qotd_answers
Happy Singles Awareness Day

Looks like I'll be spending Valentine's Day with two cute, young men this year...I'm babysitting.

Working with the nice people over at to get this journal linked to their site as a feed.  I decided it was time to upgrade to a paid account.  A few things will change.  T&G has guidelines, so my posts should be regular and more structured in the future.  Also there will be ads of some kind...hopefully not too intrusive.  If I understand properly, those of you with paid accounts still won't see any ads when following the blog through LJ.  But everybody else will.

Oh, and there will be images.  Photos when relevant, but it'll usually be a black and white comic like above.  Black and white loads faster...size may vary, but I won't let them get crazy.  Anybody still on dial up?

I know I speculated about doing single parent posts, but after talking it over with the co-author, we're just not ready for that.  Going to get back to the $1 Meal Plan stuff.  We decided that was going to be more relevant to the most people.

We will be working on a You Tube channel, with short videos on budgeting/finance/thrift.  Plan is to have at least one video up before the end of the month, but I'd rather delay and post something decent than rush and make a mess.

We're appearing at Gallatin Public Library this Saturday at 12:30pm in Gallatin, TN.  Not far from Vol State Community College.  Hope to see you there!

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