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Writer's Block: Upon further review

If you could go back and change one event in your life (or un-say one thing you wish you'd never said), what would you choose, and why?

A few months ago I would have desperately wished that I could take back all the fighting with my boyfriend at the start of this year which led us to break up, and while I do wish I could take it back even now, it's in a different way to then. I wished to take it back before out of hope that if it hadn't have happened we would still be together. I hated that I had somehow caused us to separate. Now, though, when I think about it, I simply hate it because I hate that I looked like a psycho bitch of a girlfriend when I know I wasn't and never have been. I just got upset that last month of our relationship because I knew things weren't working, and well, we were never really that good at communicating. Now I'm over it. I don't even secretly want him back anymore. I don't regret our relationship at all, and I still think that year with him was amazing, but I'm ready to move on now. If someone gave me the option to restart this year all over again I don't think I would take it anymore. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't regret things that happened in your life, because it's these events that make you the person you are today. And I'm happy with who I am now. I'm working towards something that's going to make me really happy: I'm going to the gym and looking after myself, I've got a renewed sense of direction in my life with my degree, and I'm working towards travelling overseas on exchange. And honestly, if things hadn't have turned out the way they did I doubt I'd be so sure of myself and what I want now. I needed to remember that I can stand on my own two feet. I'm happy.
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