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june 30th, 2011

i'm soooo fucking tired.

my day : waking up after not being able to fall back asleep, shower, tv, scrambling to get ready. got to work a little early and didn't want to be awkward on the playground, so i just hung around in the locker room until i saw one fo my friends. hung out with our drop off until it was time for us to take him to the table. then we went to get the kids dressed. one of them was not lsitening to me and made another kid chase him around. he wasn't listening to me, so another james yelled at him. i was done with it, so i left and took my kids back to the table. after that we got everyones shoes,socks, and shirts off. then we went in the pool and there was balloon and toys everywhere for the 4th of july. we had a free swim and the water was FREEZING and the breeze didn't help at all. two relay race slater, my group had won grab the flag and fill the bucket. we got the kids dressed, fixed hair, changed shirts and took pictures as a group, got yelled at twice today by the ady in charge. after we took pics we went to the playgrounf wher ei talked with my senior counselor and pushed kids on the swing and talked with my friend. my senior counselor asked if i did plays........... LOLNO. then we went to art. they made fireworks with star cut outs and red whit blue paint. it went surprisingly wella nd the kids projects came out really well. then we got the kids set for lunch and we went on our lunch break, me and susan waited for matt who took forever to come.. good lunch, then walked around looking for sandwichs , right before i got yelled at for trying to have some pudding, UGH. after that i got my group together and we went to get everyone ready for the afternoonswim. omg, so tired by then, got everyon e ready and wewent back in. everything was warmed up. we gave rides and i had to make two trips to the bathrom in the art room, which was FREEEEZING. not fun, but the pool was. bonding with my group, they're all so cute. afteerrrr that i took my buddy to the nurse's office, then we went to music. basically played a funyn game of musical squares and then played with instruements and blow up microphones with balls. then 3 of my kids got stickers.a fter, we went and sat down. we gave th ekids cake to decorate and to eat. me and two other counselors grabbed a piece too ;) then we tried to wash the kids hands and faces with the hoze, and one kid was tryna grab it and i was ready to kill him. so ANNOYINGINGGG.G. then we went ot the back and had ice cream and played with them. then it was time to let them go and sit int he sandbox with the drop off. we buried a coin for him and his friend to find. it was so cute. then we waited for our staff meeting but we didnt have to stay for it. dont have t


Songs of the day - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku1QSXuMaaE Let's cheers to this - sleeping with sirens<3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCOrtJMQmVs Nobody's fool - cinderella<3

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