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Writer's Block: Part deux

Which movie sequel do you like better than the first, and why?

The Lost World.

That said, Jurassic Park is one of my most beloved childhood memories. It's just that so is The Lost World. I was maybe six or seven when my parents finally let me watch Jurassic Park, only after making me watch the Making Of first, and I absolutely loved it, obviously, because dinosaurs. Mum and Dad got very, very, very sick of rewatching it, along with The Lion King.

When The Lost World came out in cinemas, I was around 9, and Dad agreed to take me to see it on the proviso that I read the book first. And that was when Emma first encountered the F word. By that age, I was absolutely mad about dinosaurs, and knew everything* about them, and had a huge little-girl-crush on Ian Malcolm/Jeff Goldblum. So a (movie) sequel where Malcolm and his awesome kid and his awesome girlfriend go to a dinosaur infested island with awesome companions was pretty much a dream come true. I know the general concensus appears to be that the sequel is kinda shit, but screw that, I love it to bits. There are raptors living in the junkyard and hunting in the long grass! And there's a baby T-rex! And mildly-morally-ambiguous-but-not-really heroes who spend the entire movie being adorable and becoming a sort of big family unit of adorable.

The third movie though. Oh my God. I can't even. I have so many feelings, and so few of them are happy ones.

*May not have actually literally known everything. In fact, learning that Velociraptors are actually quite small and covered in feathers was a bit of a devastating moment.
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