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Writer's Block: Part deux

Which movie sequel do you like better than the first, and why?

Definitely, Before Sunset. Don't get me wrong; I love the first movie Before Sunrise, but there's just something about the sequel that draws me in.The first movie was about two strangers finding a rare connection and falling in love. But in the second, it's about falling in love again--with the same person after seven years. The curiosity about about each other is gone. Now, it's interlaced with hurt, regret, anticipation and of course, sadness.

The first movie's ending is open-ended, and it holds a very optimistic tone for me. This one follows the same format, but also somewhat different. In this film, there are dire consequences. People will be hurt if they choose to stay together. Man, I just love this film so, so much that I've probably exhausted in my head every scenario possible.

And you know what else is there to love about this film? The first was in lovely Vienna. Now it's set in Paris. Paris is always beautiful. Love and Paris and possible heartbreak always go hand in hand.
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