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Writer's Block: Part deux

Which movie sequel do you like better than the first, and why?


It's actually one of the few sequels I can say that, hands down. No thought necessary.

I haven't seen Alien since I was probably 7? I only remember the basic concept of what happened. Aliens, however, I have seen a gazillion and one times.

I had a friend when I was twelve who hadn't seen Aliens and I was all *epic gasp* WE MUST WATCH IT THIS INSTANT!

So we did.

Or at least we tried to.

I put in Alien thinking it was Aliens.

I stared in horror at the screen, thinking, "This isn't right! This is horrendously boring!"

Which is always the worst thing to be thinking when you've praised a movie and then forced someone to watch it with you. I don't think we got past five minutes before I shut it off in a mix of outrage and embarrassment. And boredom.

So, yeah. Teen angst aside, I like Aliens WAY more.
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