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Writer's Block: Part deux

Which movie sequel do you like better than the first, and why?

I like the Harry Potter Sequel ' Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' better than 'Harry Potter and Sorcerers Stone.' I like it better because it had a lot more action and suspence than the first. and you got to see the young Voldemort. A.K.A Tom Riddle. I love the fact that you get to see Harry go back and see what Tom did. I also love how you get to see Harry resolve his problem with not being in the proper House. He gets the sword of Gryfindor, And that really sets Harry in place as to where he is supposed to be. My favorite part of 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' is Dobby. I absolutly LOVE Dobby! and the fact that Harry had the guts to give up, what we later find to be one of Voldemorts horcroxs, just shows who Harry is and what he stands for.  I feel that you really get to know the Harry Potter cast much better.
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