September 5th, 2011

Writer's Block: It happened one night

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?

Happened to me? As opposed to making it happen? Hmm ... I guess I would have to say that the best thing has been ... my friends. I'm really not sure how I have been so blessed with such amazing people in my life, but I am very thankful for every one of them. People can say they have lots of friends, but how many of those friends is a true friend, not just someone you go to the bar with? I am very fortunate to have many lovely, trustworthy, talented friends who are willing to go the distance with me and have helped me even when I haven't been able to help myself (like the friend who was going to march into the registrar's office and make sure my paperwork got filed correctly this time--took 5 tries and 2 years to officially graduate). These people lift me up, remind me who I really am when I have forgotten, celebrate all things, large and small with me, hold me when I cry, and are truly dependable. Again, I am so very blessed.

Thank you to all!!

Writer's Block: It happened one night

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?
Why, I found and married my soul mate, of course! We met through a mutual friend at said friend's Halo Parties (Yes, it's as geeky as it sounds, haha). Then we fell out of touch, and then remet a few years later when our friend moved in with my husband. I came over one night after my husband was asleep and hung out with our friend. I ended up spending the night and the running joke now is that my husband met me while I was asleep on his couch... And that from then on he couldn't get rid of me.
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Вопрос дня: Счастливый случай

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?

Это весь сегодняшний день! Сегодня у нас был девичник. Меня приехали поздравить с ДР моя любимая тетя Инна из Ашдода, мой ангел - моя доченька из Кфар Сабы и наша родственница Катя из Москвы. Катя моя близкая родственница, её дедушка и моя бабушка были братом и сестрой - погодками. Она нас долго искала, не один год. И совсем недавно нашла через Одноклассники. Это так легко сказать - приехали. А это было совсем не просто. Тетя ехала на поезде больше двух часов, причем для того, чтобы она поехала, её старшая внучка должна была целый день заниматься младшим внуком - в школу, из школы, в бассейн, из бассейна. А моя девочка помогла ей с пересадкой, прямого поезда в Хайфу нет. У моей дочери дорога тоже не была простой. Сразу за её поездом, перекопали пути, причем на три дня ремонт. Так обратно она поехала в Тель Авив, где зять забрал её после работы. А Катя сейчас в Израиле в гостях, в Натании. Так её привез в Хайфу её бойфренд, симпатичнейший парень. А я после всех лечений-мучений очеь даже ограничена в возможности передвижения. Встречались мы в кеньёне Лев Амифрац. Это удобно тем, что остановка поезда прямо в кеньоне. С Катей я встретилась впервые, тетю не видела больше года, а доченьку с 14 мая, тоже уже больше трех месяцев. Марианна привезла поздравления от внуков. Эти поздравления - это отдельное счастье, с такой любовью и так красиво они сделаны. Внучка очень хорошо рисует, она учится рисованию уже не первый год. Наберусь сил, выложу поздравления в инете.Мы пили свежевыжатые соки у Пети,а потом посидели в итальянском ресторане "ТаранТино". Пили итальянское вино и итальянскую минеральную воду Сан Пелигрино, ели салат с грушами и синим сыром Горганзелло, ели пиццу с грибами и петрушкой и фукаччо. А на десерт было суфле - это шоколадный торт с горячим горьким шоколадом внутри и ванильным мороженым, которое делают в самом ресторане. Этот ресторан хорош еще и тем, что полы в нем из Тосканы, стекла из Венеции, вода в умывальниках течет из львиной пасти, а недалеко от входа находится настоящий римский фонтан, на котором табличка - до Рима 2262 км. И, конечно, самым большим счастьем было наше общение. Теплое и доброе, только в ресторане, больше трех часов. Так что я сейчас пишу эти строки, совершенно счастливая.
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Writer's Block: It happened one night

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?
it happened just one night. they say work should not be your life. well, if you're one who spends more than 8 hours a day six times a week at work doing your job, how can you NOT think that your work is actually becoming your life? sometimes the ONLY life you have. 
I felt like i lost my life when i was feeling empty whenever i wopuld go to work a year ago. people come and go..old friends go and new people come. whoever isn't bound to go anyway? newcomers at work seemed ok. but ok is not any good to be eligible to enter your realm call life. 
it was not until i just came across one line from a book that was given to me by my father which was about friendships that i realized where i was doing everything wrong in the name of building friendships. it happened one night.  one sentence. boom! come next day, before i knew it i was noticing everyone who could really be my friends and who i personally want to be friends i have the friends who never struck me as the people to even be friends with. friends is your life when your family happens to be far. ;)

Writer's Block: It happened one night

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?
I was drinking at my other best friends house after my above mentioned friend left for Germany. We all played beer pong and turned the msic up and laughed and smoked cigarettes till we were drooling with filth and walking crooked. Tossing our clothes off and running down the street streaking. Good times. Even the projectile vomiting was funny. Nothing ruined that night.
What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?

Writer's Block: It happened one night

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?

Having Crash. He was very much wanted and anticipated, and yet he has blown away my expectations in all directions: more joy, bafflement, sadness, and laughter. He has taught me so much about everything, even if one of his favorite lessons is "Why Mom is fallible." If this question were about things I've done that turned out well, I could point to a lot of things, but Crash was something that just happened to me, just happened to turn me inside out.

Writer's Block: It happened just this afternoon

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?
What's the best thing happened to me so far??? hmm..let me think. Oh yeah now i remembered, actually i didn't forgot it ; how could i when it's th best thing happened to me so far. here leet me tell you what it is.

i chatted the poser of Nishikido Ryo @ FB!!!! *fangirl scream* i know it is just a trivial thing to be the best but what can i do? i'm just a  fangirl whose one her fantasies were granted ^^

ho wouldn't be so happy if this guy was the one whom you chatted with^^ (though mine is only a poser atleast his name is still nishikido ryo)

question mark umbrella seven

Writer's Block: It happened one night

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?

I could be cliched and say 'When I first kissed my girlfriend', I could be stereotypical and talk about the time I got the N64. I could be nerdy and talk about the time my question mark umbrellas arrived. I could even be a bit serious and say 'That first glorious step out of the school gates when I decided I was never going to let myself be brought there again'

In the end though the best thing that's happened to me so far is always the last good thing. Every day I get a little better at understanding the world and everyday it gets a little better at understanding me.

Parties, premieres and trips to the pub. Talks, texts, comments and facebook chats. Everyday one of these good things happen I feel happy and grateful but I know I'm at the foot of the mountain and the good things in my life are only going to get better, for a little while longer at least.

The really great things are just about to happen when I go to university and boy is it gonna be fun.

Вопрос дня: Счастливый случай

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?

Каждый раз, когда что-то волшебное происходит, хочется подумать, что вот это вот и есть самый замечательный момент в жизни. Но через какое-то время вдруг происходит еще более волшебное событие и теперь оно претендует на роль счастливого, а потом другое и так далее. Мне кажется, что если человек не развивается, то и важное событие в его жизни будет только одно, а если он развивается и растет с каждым годом, имеет кучу идей и проч, то у него каждый месяц может происходить событие и каждый месяц оно будет претендовать на звание самого важного.
Я вот сегодня школу свою открыла. Вроде важно и претендует на звание лучшего в жизни...но предполагаю, что будет еще много чего поважней и поинтересней в жизни и только потомки оценят какое из этих событий было решающим или поворотным, или счастливым случаем.

Writer's Block: Killer Queen

What's your favorite Queen song, and why?

Who Wants to Live Forever

There's no time for us
There's no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams
Yet slips away from us
Who wants to live forever?
Who wants to live forever....?

There's no chance for us
It's all decided for us
This world has only one sweet moment
Set aside for us
Who wants to live forever?
Who wants to live forever....?

Who dares to love forever
When love must die?
But touch my tears with your lips
Touch my world with your fingertips
And we can have forever
And we can love forever
Forever is our today
Who wants to live forever?
Who wants to live forever?
Forever is our today
Who waits forever anyway?

Writer's Block: Killer Queen

What's your favorite Queen song, and why?
This is a tough question to answer as I love Queen and most of their music. As for the why part of this question, Queen was an amazing band! Today would have been Freddy Mercury's 65th birthday. He was born 5 September 1946 and died 24 November 1991. Very very sad. He was too young to have left this world. Since I don't have a particular song that I like, here are a few of my favorites just to name a few...

We Will Rock You.
This song is good for rallying people. I think it's a Good mood song, you can't help get that rush of energy when you hear this song.

We Are The Champions.
This song reminds us that we are champions in everything we do. It tells us that no matter what keep fighting and in the end we will all overcome what ever it is we are trying to achieve. We are all winners. The only time we are losers is when we fail and don't try again. If we try again, we win eventually.

Princes Of The Universe.
I can't exactly say why I love this song so much. I just do...lame I know for an answer but it's an answer nonetheless. It was the opening of a show i used to watch all the time. Damn! I'm trying to remember wich show it was now...Oh what the hell was it now? Oh yes!!!! It was Highlander!!!! Bloody hell I'm getting old! My memory isn't what it used to be. LOL! Anyway, it was a show that came out in the 90's and it rocked.

You're My Best Friend.
It's a song that one could use to say how they feel about a best friend of theirs. Enough said about that.

Friends Will Be Friends.
This one is one of my favorites because it's basically saying that friends will always be their no matter what. A friend will never dessert you and when a friend is true, they will be there forever till your last days on earth. When times get hard for you, your friends will especially be there for you. They will be there to catch your fall, to pick you up when you are in need of a good laugh and for life's struggles and hardships. Friends will be friends.

Fat Bottomed Girls.
I like this one because it's a fun song. It's definitely a cool song to sing to.

There are more I love but if I named every Queen song that i love, I'd be sitting here for quite a while writing them out and the reasons why. LOL! Like i said, this was a hard question to answer. I don't have just one, I have many. RIP Freddy Mercury. He was an amazing musician.

An entry to come soon. I have much to write about.

<3Hugs to all<3

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Вопрос дня: Сложный выбор

Of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste), which would you willing to give up, and why?
От чувства наживы бы не смог... Поэтому что касается вопроса <a href="">заработка</a> могу дать много советов, велком на мой блог.

Ferity earth print
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Writer's Block: Once upon a time…

What is the first line of your favorite book?

I can never choose just one so here are 5

"The moment I opened the door I knew an ass-kicking was inevitable. Whether I'd be giving or recieving it was still a bit of a mystery." From Stray

"She woke to the knowledge that she was a murderess and she would kill again." from Dark Destiny

"It isn't a wife you need, Mr. Thompson, its a wife." from morning comes softly

"Whenever you have a sorcerer betwixt your thighs, your powers tend to disappear." From Kiss of a demon King

"Jaxon Montgomery snapped the clip into her handgun and glared at her partner." From Dark Guardian
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Вопрос дня: Интернет

Есть желающие предложить эту сумму? :-)Отказалась бы однозначно,а с друзьями общалась по телефону,
информацию и фотографии рассылала бы на дисках,флешках-кому это было бы интересно.Ну ,а книги
я люблю живые и бумажные,так что проблем НИКАКИХ!!
Would you give up the Internet for $10 million? (this is for the rest of your life.)

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Writer's Block: It happened one night

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?
best thing ever?
idk, may be being old and a little bit wiser and yet still childish at most
or may be still breathing and doesn't giving up on living no matter how sucks it is
or may be still dreaming and keep on believeing altho' i know most would never happen
it somewhere in between^^
beautiful, candle, broken, glass

Writer's Block: It’s the end of the world as we know it

If you had the option to learn the exact moment and details of your death, would you choose to know?

I don't think I would... When it came near to the time it was approaching, I would probably be a wreck and wouldn't be able to do anything out of fear of it killing me. If we were meant to know, we would get a notice in the mail.
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Вопрос дня: Счастливый случай

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?

Любовь конечно, что же еще. Что может быть волнительнее, радостнее и жизненнее, чем любовь?!

Она нас пленяет, делает лучше, благодаря ей, мы вершим, достигаем!

Несмотря на то, что благодаря ей мы и страдаем и мучаемся...

В любом случае, это самое прекрасное чувство на всем свете!...

P.S. Я хочу, чтобы это так и было на самом деле...Я стараюсь в это верить...Я просто надеюсь...
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Writer's Block: The state of perception

Of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste), which would you willing to give up, and why?
Probably smell ... losing touch would be a damn shame, losing taste could be dangerous to your taste buds if you can't tell whether what you're eating is too salty or sweet for your organism.

I would HATE to lose either sight or sound. First because without sight I wouldn't be able to look at the world anymore, nor enjoy its beauties (*drools thinking about RDJ*). Second, sound, I love music and could not bear to live in a silent, silent world with only my voice sounding in my head to keep me company.

So it's probably smell ... even if I couldn't smell anything anymore, I would still keep my eyes and my ears - and I could be happy with that.

Reading eyeglasses and eye chart Stock Photo - 9384065

Ellen grey head sm
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Writer's Block: Paging Al Gore

Would you give up the Internet for $10 million? (this is for the rest of your life.)
No! I use the Internet to keep in touch with my family, particularly my elder daughter and my step-children. I also use it to keep track of friends from high school and even my best friends who live about 30 miles away or are too busy to talk on the phone much of the time. I find that some of the people I keep in contact with via the Internet are the very ones who hate to use a telephone. I also use the 'net to sell my jewelry and other stuff, to look up information about health concerns and to keep up with the news of my county government as I don't take the county newspaper. The Internet edition (the free part) gives me what I need. There is also a lot of emergency information available on our county Emergency Services and my Local VFD's websites. Giving up the net, in some cases, and at my advanced age, could end up being quite hazardous to my health and safety. Some things money just cannot buy and that is one of them!

Writer's Block: Killer Queen

I have been a lover of Queen since the seventies;   I saw them live and up pretty close when they played in Los Angeles.
I believe that "You take my breath away
What's your favorite Queen song, and why?
" is my first love, followed by "Sheer heart attack" , and all of Day at the races and Night at the opera.

Вопрос дня: Счастливый случай

Natural death in very old and alone.  Надеюсь когда нибудь случится: Естественная смерть в глубокой старости и покое. Смерть, когда за душой нет поступков, действий, мыслей ведущих к потери энергии, сожалению , разочарованию. Если бы это удалось, это счастливый случай для меня, был бы.
Это сложно, поскольку одна из моих ипостасей- зверь с сильными инстинктами и желаниями. Обуздать его  очень сложно и этот процесс ведет к разрушению- пока. К моменту смерти надо свернуть полный "кокон" из нитей энергии- своей энергии а не чужой, как часто делают многие сущности и люди.

I hope when something happens: Natural death in very old and alone. Death when the soul is not for deeds, actions, thoughts, leading to energy loss, regret, disappointment. If it fails, it's a lucky break for me, would have been.
It is difficult, because one of my incarnations of a beast with strong instincts and desires. Curb it is very difficult and this process leads to destruction, so far. By the time of death, you should turn a complete "cocoon" of the strands of energy, their energy and not someone else, how often do many of nature and people.


Writer's Block: It happened one night

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?

It is so hard to assess the best thing that's happened because there are many. God is so good and I can't thank him enough for the many pleasant things in my life. I lost my mom when I was 17 years old but met my now husband of 34 years. I was childless for 5 years but was blessed thereafter with 3 kids. I have known the saving grace of God and that is truly amazing. I hope the best of the best is still to come.
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Writer's Block: Killer Queen

What's your favorite Queen song, and why?
"Dont Stop Me Now" would have to be one of my favorite songs. Its one of the few songs Freddie actually wrote along with "Bohemian Rhapsody," and "We Are the Champions." Usually I would say Bohemian Rhapsody but lately this song is what has been getting me thinking about Queen and what could have happened musically with them had Mr. Mercury not passed.

Writer's Block: Killer Queen

<lj-template name="qotd" id="2792" lang="en_LJ" /That's hard, trying to picking just one as my favorite. It is a tie between "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Who Wants to Live Forever". Bohemian Rhapsody because it is such a different type of song and Live Forever because you can feel/hear the heart-ache in his voice when he sings this song, makes me want to cry every time I hear it.

Writer's Block: Killer Queen

What's your favorite Queen song, and why?
Ohh...  while I adore almost everything Queen performed, it's the Prophet's Song that stands out as the most intriguing, lyrical, moving, wierd and wonderful..

Death on Two Legs is wonderful for spitting vitriol!

The opening chords of Princes of the Universe are the most devine vocal harmonies ever.
si and am

Writer's Block: Killer Queen

What's your favorite Queen song, and why?
Can there be one favorite Queen song? Hmmmm...

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, Seven Seas of Rhye, Save Me, You're My Best Friend, Bohemian Rhapsody -- those are probably the ones I could listen to over and over.

Happy Birthday, Freddie. You're missed more than you can ever know...