October 5th, 2011

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Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )
It is a "was".  My biological father was the biggest bully in my life.  He controlled me and my mother when I was little. Good thing that my mother woke up one day and said that she will end it.  She separated from him and the life we had without him became better, brighter. 
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Вопрос дня: BFF

Кого имеешь в виду незнаю но на всякий случай откликнусь !!!!!!!!!!!Лично я отсутствовала по причине бурной деятельности на другом сайте ,там шла такая война так что было не до журнала ,но все когда нибудь возвращается вот и я вернулась!!!

Вопрос дня: Счастье

Что нужно человеку, чтобы быть счастливым?

вспомнился отрывок из песни Би-2: "счастье мое, где ты?."
оно у каждого свое. просто есть общие моменты, в которые радуется каждый человек: встреча с кем-то близким после временной разлуки, разрешение трудной ситуации, любовь, отдых после тяжелой работы, зарплата с гонораром, осуществление желания, долгожданный ребенок, тепло после холода, прохлада в жару, ну и прочее..
поводы для счастья бывают разные - и маленькие, и большие.

Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Don't eat off my plate without asking. Really. While I won't stab you with a utensil or anything, I will direct at you an intensely resentful stare. ('Cause it's my food.)

...That, and I really dislike it when people are not aware that they're being manipulative. It becomes nearly impossible—without being made into the antagonist—to explain to them that they're creating a giant fuck zone in the lives of those around them.

Writer's Block: MVP awards

What’s the most important thing to you (person, animal, anything)?

The most important thing to me is my sanity. Basically, I need to be at least 50% okay with myself, my actions, my life to be able to function at the level that I desire.
It seems selfish, I know, but I promise it is not.
If I were not sane, than the world would be worse off! =]

Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
1. Willful ignorance. it's one thing to be ignorant, but purposefully ignoring facts, evidence, etc. is infuriating.
2. Passive people and/or phony people. If you have a problem, be an adult an address it directly with a discussion. No need to talk behind anyone's back or bottle it up. Passive-agressiveness is also frustrating.
3. Lazy people who pretend they aren't. I hate when people whine about how they just don't have anytime. Uh, last I checked you've been on facebook for the past four hours. You have plenty of time.

Writer's Block: Blast to the past

If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your 10-year-old self?

oh god... I would want to say so many things! so many things....

but then I think that if my ten-year old self knew the things I knew now, my life would be completely different...
I'm not saying it's a bad thing or a good thing, but I am satisfied with myself and I feel like in our concept of life, there isn't going back and changing things. I don't trust us humans with that power.

Writer's Block: Hey Mr. DJ, keep playing this song…

What music lifts you up when you’re feeling down?

I've realized it's not the music that helps me, but it's how I react to the music.
sometimes some good secondhand serenade (kind of depressing!) helps lift my mood, simply because I am listening and appreciating their sound.
the lyrics can be rather depressing... hah.
Sometimes eminem lifts me up, sometimes it's just a random mix of songs...
however many of my mixes just remind me of other things in my life... like I said though, it depends on how I view those events (sad that they are over, happy that they happened... idk, depends on my mood)

Вопрос дня: Счастье

Что нужно человеку, чтобы быть счастливым?
В старом советском фильме был замечательный рецепт. Чтобы быть счастливым, надо чтобы утром хотелось на работу, а вечером - домой.
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Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
People who talk during movies or tv shows.  Likewise, if I'm watching TV, a movie or playing a game by myself; anyone who walks into the room and instantly starts a conversation with me without allowing me to get through a scene to pause(or wait for a commercial).  Bonus negative points if the conversation at hand was unimportant/entirely superfluous; "I just got told a funny joke, let me tell it to you....".

Вопрос дня: Счастье

Что нужно человеку, чтобы быть счастливым?
знать, что родные и близкие люди здоровы и у них все хорошо - это главная составляющая
а потом уже - саморазвитие, самореализация, самоутверждение (в хорошем смысле этого слова)
идти к своей цели, мечте, пусть даже методом проб и ошибок - не так ли важно это каждому человеку. ну а цели и мечты у всех разные:)
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в честь Баси

Вопрос дня: Счастье

Крылья! И чтобы рядом или не рядом никто не стоял со спичками.... Это так, к слову...
По другому - осознать мир, полюбить его и ближних... Человеку так мало нужно для счастья. Настоящая любовь! В широком смысле! И не нужны дворцы, суперяхты.... Понимание, что ты нужен и в тебе нуждаются. И здоровья, чтобы вершить добро...

Вопрос дня: Счастье

Что нужно человеку, чтобы быть счастливым?

Здоровье,Любовь и немного денег!)),
а вообще просто чувствовать себя счастливым-для кого то это деньги,для кого то любимая работа,для кого-то семья,кто-то возможно это совмещает,но для кого-то это наркотики и алкоголь,либо секта,это тоже можно совместить и заменить и будет "счастье",
Я например видела одну счастливую женщину-это пациентка психиатрической больницы-она ссала стоя и ей было пох. на в всех...(((
Абсолютно счастливых мужчин не встречала-но это поправимо...

Writer's Block: Shhh… Don’t tell

Do you keep your LiveJournal a secret from someone?
I don't necessarily keep it a secret from anyone but I have removed people that I've known in real life. It was explained to me that this was their way of keeping in touch with me. I felt since it was one-sided, it was more of them being voyeuristic than "staying in touch with a friend".  This "friend" has gone on to unfriend me on FB too. Oh well, not that much of a friend....IMHO.

Apparently, I have a different definition of "friend". Thankfully, I've got some really dear friends who share my definition. Sadly, my partner has gotten caught in the crossfire of this conflict and I don't think she shares my same definition and is hurt by this change. I feel bad for her but I have better boundaries than to try and fix a conflict between her and others. It would be up to her to try to fix it, in her own way or not.

Вопрос дня: Счастье

Что нужно человеку, чтобы быть счастливым?
Быть счастливым, а по-библейски - блаженным, значит быть нищим духом, жаждущим и алчущим правды, плачущим, милостивым, чистым сердцем, изгнанным за правду... Впрочем читайте все в оригинале в 5-ой главе Евангелия от Матфея.

Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...

Thin crust with at least three different cheeses ranging from a nice mild Mozzarella, through a Munster or an Emmental to something sharp and strong, maybe an Asiago. With mushrooms, black olives and prosciutto, no tomato sauce just slices of lovely fresh tomato under the cheese. Fresh out of an open, wood burning clay oven with a dusting of cornmeal under the crust, fresh basil shredded on top and served without plates in torn, uneven pieces.

Preferably with a nice wine.

Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Hm, I like this question! :O
Choosing my biggest pet peeve is kind of hard to decide though, so many different irritating things.
I think my biggest pet peeve would have to be a tie between:

-The word, 'irk." I don't know why but it irritates me to no end. Especially since people like picking on me by saying, "Irk irks you, doesn't it?"

-When someone does not talk to me all day, but the second I put on my headphones, turn on my music, and try to go into my world, you decide to talk and talk and talk. I wanna listen to my music, fool! Should've said something earlier for Christ's sake. -.-

Вопрос дня: Счастье

Что нужно человеку, чтобы быть счастливым?

В первую очередь - это здоровье свое и близких людей. Причем как физическое так и психологическое.
Все остальное - дело наживное)))

Можно просто радоваться каждый день каждой фигне и быть счастливым.

А можно иметь все и ничего не будет радовать.
И я желаю, всем людям на Земле, никогда не узнать как это. А если уже, то забыть))

Writer's Block: BFF

I've had my best friend for a very long time.  We actually met at a roller rink, and low in behold, I ended up transfering to her school not knowing she'd be there. THEN I find out our parents knew each other, and we had met before when we were like 3, and neither of us remembered it.  She's the complete opposite of me, but that's what makes us so good because where one lacks a trait, the other has an abondance of.  We're both 26 years old, and to this day, we still know everything that's going on in each others lives.


Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...

Describe your perfect pizza.
So many tasty combos. Peter Piper's New York 3 cheese pepperoni, lactose intolerance be damned! 2. Spinach and alfredo sauce. 3. Tuna fish. 4. Salmon. 5. Anchovies, though no one in town makes that anymore and that makes me a sad panda. :(

To answer the question, my ideal pizza would have tons of cheese, a thin layer of sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, and anchovies.

Вопрос дня: Счастье

Две вещи нужно человеку, чтобы быть счастливым. Для этого человеку нужно: быть и счастливым.
А на практике, если не рассматривать случаи со всевозможными опьянениями и измененными сознаниями - человеку нужно быть ребенком. Это то единственное время, когда для счастья нет условий, оно просто есть!
Что нужно человеку, чтобы быть счастливым?

Can you keep a secret?

Writer's Block: Shhh… Don’t tell

Do you keep your LiveJournal a secret from someone?

I made this journal as a secret to vent when I was in a bad place but I didn't friendslock any of the posts because I wanted someone to see how depressed I was. Someone random online actually tried to comfort me. It was touching but I felt pretty pathetic about it at the same time.

I guess the main people I don't want to see my livejournals now are my parents. They think I'm so strange and while these quotes are relatively harmless there is homosexuality in the fic and I read a lot both of which would worry my mom if she knew.

Вопрос дня: Счастье

Что нужно человеку, чтобы быть счастливым?
Счастье-это очень хрупкое, невесомое состояние души человека! Это когда весь Мир вокруг тебя наполнен любовью и взаимопониманием, когда все в душе сияет солнечными зайчиками и искриться, переливается далекими Галактиками звезд!!! Для настоящего Счастья нужно постоянное ощущение полета над реальностью, нужны духовные, возвышенные крылья, чтобы постоянно удерживать курс нацеленный на счастливое настоящее и будущее!!!
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Writer's Block: Just stop, already!


You look tired.

"You look tired. Did you not sleep well?"
"You should go to bed sooner."
"Are you tired? Your eyes look sunken."

Are you okay?
"You look upset..."
"Do you need to talk?"
"What's wrong?"

"Why aren't you smiling?"
"Hey, I said why aren't you smiling?"
"It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile."
"Frowning gives you wrinkles."
"Cheer up."
"It can't be that bad..."
"Why do you look so sad?"

*This breed of facial expression commentary is generally said quickly by the offender passing by the recipient as to not give adequate time for a polite yet stern response as to why she is not obligated to beam at every passerby. I say "she" because, in my observation, this is generally done by men to women, particularly young women. I'm sure it happens to men too. I find it so degrading and controlling when a man or woman says this to me.

I dont have much else to say concerning this without sounding like a cold, uncaring, crazy person who doesn't want people to care about her. I simply don't understand why people say these things to each other. I could break down the analyzation it in-depth but trust me, you don't want me to. It would be an essay.

I DO understand that some people genuinely care about others. I believe there are times when it is very appropriate to say these things for example if someone is about to break down into tears. However, generally when these comments are said this is what I hear "You're making me uncomfortable with your facial expression. "I don't understand what's going on in your head and I'm going to express my guess at what it is to let you know that you need to fix your facial expression for my comfort."

To the offenders...
Maybe they just need a cup of coffee.
Maybe they have a newborn baby.
Maybe they're well-rested and you indirectly told them they look terrible.
Maybe you caught them thinking.
Maybe they didn't even see you.
Maybe they're not tired.
Maybe they are okay.
Maybe they're smiling inside.
Maybe they save their smiles for times when it matters.

Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve is when you are at a restaurant with someone and you say you don't like what they're eating, but rather than respect your opinion they shove a forkful of their food in your face and say "Try it! You'll like it, it's delicious." Then when you say "No, I already told you that I don't like it" they bother you until you just have some so you can get some peace and end up spitting it out because as you said, you don't like it.
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Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

If we're being honest, I'd have to say it's been my siblings. I'm ashamed to admit it but as the oldest of a bunch of kids, I was always being put down, degraded, embarassed and ridiculed by my brothers and sisters. I was way to shy and definitely too insecure about myself to say anything in my defense. EVER. My father didn't really approve but it was almost encouraged and definitely ignored whenever it happened. I hated my family with a passion because I could never stand up for myself and the bullying really never stopped until I was no longer living with them. Once I could put a lot of distance between us I learned to appreciate each of their qualities and I learned to love my family for themselves, flaws and all. I still have alot of anger in me, but I try to surround myself with goodness and positivity in my life so I don't have to hate and resent my brothers or my sisters any more. I know that as the oldest I could have stopped them at any time had I simply said anything but I couldn't and didn't. My self worth and my self esteem were virtually non exsistant at the time. With the support of my loving husband, I've learned to move on, to forgive and to accept people as they are, not as I wish they would be. Yes, sometimes I still remember my childhood and the trauma I lived through - we really were raised in a dog-eat-dog world. There was no such thing as loyalty or familial love - but I am doing better. At least, I am most of the time.
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Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Food Commentary and Hating Vegetables

I have one more with two parts. I'll keep it short.

Food Commentary
Let's say you're eating something you find delicious, or you picked it because it's healthy and you're trying to watch what you eat. Someone walks up to you and says one of the following:

"What you're eating looks disgusting."
"Ew, what is that?"
"That looks so gross."
"Why would you eat that?"
"Who wants to be on a diet?"

Or maybe they'll ask you multiple questions about your food with a sickened tone that screams everything they're thinking. Maybe they'll just stare at it in disgust.

Veggie Enemies!
I know not everyone is going to love every food. I understand diversity of tastes. But I don't understand people who don't eat ANY vegetables. Adults. Who don't eat vegetables. Ever. It seems childish. Do they want their colon to be backed up 24/7? It's one thing if someone simply doesn't eat vegetables. But when they ridicule me for eating vegetables, I really want to give them a piece of my mind. I'd like to try to live

Fun facts:
Corn is not a vegetable. It's a grain.
Potatoes and carrots, while delicious and very eat-worthy, are not vegetables. They're roots.

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Вопрос дня: Счастье

Что нужно человеку, чтобы быть счастливым?

Любовь, наполняющая сердце, и постоянное движение вперёд, преодолевая инерцию, веря в свои силы, и просто делая то, что подсказывает ДУША.

Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I have a new found pet peeve: when people say "troll", "trolled", and "trolling".


Seriously? Can we not sound like a bunch of twelve year old interweb nerds?

I just wish people realized how lame it sounds. It's like, if you're trying to sound cool, that word is def not working.

Of course there's always the good 'ol pet peeve of people who don't thank you for holding doors open for them.

Yesterday I was leaving a store after getting something cute to give my boyfriend. I was cheery when I got to the register. The cashier was nasty and shoved the receipt in my hand as she looked away to talk to someone. OKAY, WHATEVER, I'm still in a good mood. So as I'm leaving, I see this rather large woman behind me, so I do what I naturally do and hold the door for someone behind me. She wasn't paying attention to the fact that I was even holding the door for her. Then she notices me, walks out, and gives me this look like I was supposed to hold the door for her, and walks away without saying anything. My mood was instantly ruined. Trashy people have no manners. Funny thing, I saw the same woman today while I was on line at Wal-Mart Pharmacy. Kinda hard not to miss her since she was wearing the same exact outfit she was wearing the day before. I glared at her.

If someone's being polite to you, you're supposed to thank them. It's called manners. Apparently a lot of people today don't have them.

Another one from today is people who let their kids run rampant in stores. They come across as embarrassed for their child's behavior, but you can tell that from the way they chose to discipline their child, that their child learns it from them.

The lady says: I don't care if they act wild like this in the house, but don't embarrass me in public.

If you are letting your kids run rampant at home with no rules, how are they supposed to know how they're supposed to act in public? Teaching a child starts at home. Besides, I think it's a little concerning when your toddler son and daughter are practically having a wrestling match on the dirty Wal-Mart floor. Maybe it's a sign you shouldn't let them do that at home. Just sayin...

Then she has the nerve to look at me and tell me that seeing her kids is all the birth control I need. Um, no. Seeing your kids act like clowns does not change my desire to have kids. I don't intend to raise my kids in such a manner that they'd think acting like that is acceptable. If anything, seeing her kids act like animals makes me want kids, because I know they'd be great.
Ernst Kiss

Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I have a lot of things I really don't like. For instance, children, in general. But mostly when they are screaming in my workplace. I really want to go out in the lobby and ask the person to remove their child from the premises or I will remove their child's head from their body.

Also, when no one in my house washes the dishes. Lookit, I don't even eat here 75 percent of the time, but I'm the one that has to do the dishes everyone else uses. I use maybe a cup or small plate every few days and generally I wash them after, or at least that same day if I can't do it at that moment because I'm in a hurry. But I really hate when I do all the dishes of days built up before I go to work one day and come home and there are new dirty dishes everywhere. At least rinse 'em off, people! Or get pots soaking so I'm not spending forever washing them because no one else will!

People who try to correct you when you know you are correct about factual information. If I am 100 percent confident that what I am saying is right, don't question it. If you think I'm wrong, go look it up and then, if I perhaps am misinformed, bring me your proof. But don't start a fight with me if you have nothing to back what you think is right up.

Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...

Describe your perfect pizza.

There's a great local pizza place here in Eugene called Ciao Pizza. Hands down, best pizza ever. It's thin and wood fired with really high quality ingredients.

So, my perfect pizza? Canadian bacon, mushroom, caramelized onions & basil leaves. And hold the calories, please.

... What? You said perfect.

Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...

Describe your perfect pizza.

I opened up the screen to post my answer, and hello, ridiculous country music, blaring through my speakers. Ads on the damn website, it's 3:30 AM, and I'm exhausted. Dreaming about my bed, floating into dreamland, when suddenly.....cue country twang-taylor swift-hilly billy-yodeling shit. ugh.

Positivity. that's what I tell myself. Stay positive. On a more positive note, I have completed 2/3 lab thingies due starting 8am. It's 3:30....yeah. But 2 done :D printed. glued in my notebooks. wham bam, thank you ma'am.

Pizza....as I digress.... we should be talking about pizza. I guess, let's define perfect. this pizza, i would take with me to heaven, eat it as my last meal, enjoy it when I give myself one cheat day during the week (except this week; the Carl's Jr. does NOT count). Crust, not too think, not too thick. How I like my man. Not in the dirty, that's what she said way, but the torso....not too fat (mayolady gif to follow) and not too thin (think Napoleon Dynamite). So, the crust. Just the right thickness, pre baked once. Light sauce, the tomato kind, with real tomatoes, that is slightly sour/bitter due to the tomatoes, but sweet from all the other delciousness. Toppings....jalapenos (is it hot in here? it's about to realllll soon!), mushrooms (i know, it's not a vegetable...it's a fungus. delish!), chicken (girl's gotta have her protein...poultry....yeah), cilantro (I ate this stuff by the finger fulls. it smells awesome too!), and tons and tons and mountains of CHEESE! the good kind....if i'm consuming all these calories, give me cheese that makes this glutinous pizza worth it <3 If anything, what I don't want....ONIONS! a vegetable that is analogous to an ogre? layers? bitter? sweet? you know what i'm talking about. no thanks!

Pizza. I've always loved it. My best friends from junior high knew of this obsession. it really was one. To the point where I'd be genuinely sad if the lunch lady ran out of those crappy pizzas during lunch. My school functioned differently....free lunch kids went last, combined with me being the little-est, the pizzas ALWAYS ran out :( But, one of my greatest junior high memories (oh you know, there's the bullies who know jack about where my family is from >:( ) is our 8th grade trip to disneyland. It was just my two best friends and myself who stuck in a group (always been one to keep a handful of close friends...discussable. lots to say. maybe this weekend) and we got pizza at the rocket ship place. talk about freshly baked veggie pizza. so much cheese. cheese like tidal waves, fingers functioning like the surfboard. cutting through the cheese, biting into the slice, cherishing the harmonious blend of each individual pizza. You might be thinking? GIrl, it's not that good. just expensive because it's from the land of mice. Well, as a 13 year old, that pizza was amazing. Frozen cheese pizza that was a real catch during lunch, to this; THIS was like a million bucks. Would I make it my last pizza? no. My pizza where I didn't care how many calories/slice it was? no. at 13 years of age? yep.

I have rambled on about food. seriously. perhaps it means I'm hungry? I'm here downing water, reminding myself not to eat after 8pm. I really need to lose this weight from last year/this summer. I mean, 20-30 minutes at the gym, but it's something? combined with my semi-healthy meals, let's give it a few weeks. I'm not to that point, but I would hate to be where I WAS. self esteem issues took root. Self deprecation. Self loathe. You know when your alter ego calls you a fat slob? yeah....I told myself I'd rather be one to enjoy cake, than care what boys thought about me. Meh, that mentality didn't last, and I'm glad! Calc guy. John. Michael. You know it...sure they didn't work out, and they all come with a line of funsy stories (cue a post about people that were close but I never let get THAT close? sure), but they helped my self esteem soar. It's all words, but if only people knew what one compliment could do for a person's rest of the day. Getting a text that says, "I'm stuck on the freeway and all I can think about is being with you in about....20 minutes :) stay warm, honey, and I love the smell of your shampoo." You like how my SHAMPOO smells? Boy, even that made me smile :) Or those white jeans I once had....I've always been one to have a huge ass, but damn, I know calc boy loved those jeans! Point is, I'm motivating myself with my past. I mean, do you wanna be that girl, or THAT girl? Definitely the other. The jeans were snug, but hell no, we will survive!

In conclusion, I leave you with.... "Change is the only constant."

I know I'm stubborn, and I know where change is required, but I need to tell myself that change keeps us going forward constantly. I cannot run backwards. too many skeletons in the closet. I can't stay where I am. I get so damn bored. Forward it is. Where change shall take me.

It's late. I'm rambling. A 3 hour nap will do me no good :/ I'm so damn sleepy and it's week 2 :( this post was supposed to be about pizza? erm, yeah.


Meika :)

too lazy to spell check/grammar check, but it's only my alter ego. If that bitch can call me a fat slob, sure I can handle her criticism of my writing.

Yes, this lady is eating mayo, from a jar, with a spoon, on a damn bus.*barf*

Вопрос дня: Счастье

     Счастье - это когда все приходит вовремя: любовь - когда есть потребность любить, карьера - когда есть желание утвердиться в жизни, деньги - когда еще хочется что-то покупать... Иногда, по прошествие некоторого времени, какой-нибудь трудный период кажется нам более счастливым по сравнению с текущим моментом. Но, к сожалению, нельзя быть счастливым задним числом. Мы не сможем вернуться в те годы с новым настроением. Счастье - если жизнь складывается так, когда каждый день можно прожить в  состоянии душевного комфорта.
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Writer's Block: Internet Addictions

Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?
I am hopelessly addicted to the computer, especially the internet.  It began with mostly just e-mail a few years ago.  Then, one website after another, including Livejournal made its way into my list.  Over the years, the sites changed a few times.  There are several sites I have stopped visiting for a long time despite being addicted to them in the past.

Now, besides LJ and my e-mail accounts, I am at Facebook and Fanfiction.net too much.  I also visit Gamefaqs everyday.  There are a few other sites I visit often, but not as much as the five I mentioned.
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Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...

Describe your perfect pizza.

Cheese, Cheese, and MOAR Cheese.

Maybe a bit of garlic salt, some parsley..

But honestly, just "Cheese, Cheese, and more Cheese" is just as good.

Honestly I don't love pizza, while I don't dislike it either. I just seem to eat quite a bit of it. And I'm the type of person that when I eat pizza, my body makes me regret it a little. (That much grease and other terrible things hurt my tummy a bit. :( )

Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...

Describe your perfect pizza.
Please read the answers to this question.    The replies are just as moronic as the inquiry itself.

One person wrote endlessly about how she typically does not eat pizza because she is a vegetarian, no not really a vegetarian, but vegetarian-like, in that she buys and consumes meat from animals that are raised and then slaughtered humanely, well not humanely because a humane person wouldn't grind up an animal's anus to use as pepperoni, but perhaps . . . .

Another person states that he, on his pizza, will not tolerate onions because they make his breath smell bad, mushrooms because they're slimy, peppers because they're gross, chicken because of its broken-down, chinky-chonk nature; no tomatoes because well obviously, absolutely no wheat or gluten because he suspects his kid has an allergy to peanuts, no strawberry jam because its tiny seeds taunt him, no holy water sprinkled on it because he is momentarily possessed by Satan plus the demon Azazel . . . .

But most of the people answering the query write with abandon, as if they are placing an order to Domino's:  One large hand-tossed pizza with everything but anchovies, extra cheese, go light on the sauce . . . .

Christ on a crouton.
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Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...

My fave pizza in the world is pepperoni and black olive. The perfect pizza has a crust with a little sweetness to the dough so I can put honey on it, and eat it as my dessert, too. :) I can eat any kind of pizza for leftovers cold, but chicken pizza. Something about the cold chicken just tastes funny to me. LOL
Describe your perfect pizza.

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Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Putting "already" on the end of orders. Also British people who say "period" to denote the end of an angry sentence. Totally fine if you're American, but THIS MARK . IS NOT CALLED A PERIOD IN BRITISH ENGLISH. STOP WATCHING SO MUCH TELLY.

Being off ill is so bad for me. I can put up with the exhaustion, just not the SUFFOCATING BOREDOM. It makes me do stupid things like obsessively refresh the shoe pages on ebay. -_- I''ve already won the ugliest pair of boots in the world (so excited, I love them!) but I'm being outbid on everything else. I'm not so deep into it that I can't let it go once someone bids over what I want to pay, but I suppose that's because I haven't found the right shoes yet. :P It might be time to start looking elsewhere... I need some red heels if anyone's got shop suggestions. I don't know where to start.

Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...

Describe your perfect pizza.

Good soft shell with stuffed crust. the crust would be stuffed with herbs and cheese and bits of pepperoni.
the sauce would be a good cheese sauce like an alfredo or just go with olive oil and herbs and minced garlic
Meats - Pepperoni, sausage, ham, Burger, hard salami, bacon, chicken
Seafoods - smoked salmon, lox, caviar, anchovies, shrimp, krab, crab, langastinos
cheese- Mozzerella, provelone, montery jack, smoked cheedar, parmesian, romano, asiago, feta, goat cheese, Queso Fresca,
Veggies - spinach, mushrooms of many kinds. diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, chives, chopped basil, chopped parsley, chopped oregano, Pineapple, Seasame seeds, Furikake, Flax seeds, pine nuts, possibly tofu (if done right and marinated in streak sauce.)