November 4th, 2011

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

What was the most embarrassing day of your life?
Either the day I got all the way to the National Finals of a spelling bee when I was 11 and then fucking up my first word on national television, or the day I auditioned for the Academy. My classmates actually knew me for a while as "the girl who fucked the audition" and wondered how the hell I managed to get in after that. :(
Two very sad days with lots and lots of tears.
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Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

What was the most embarrassing day of your life?
The Ghirardelli's Fiasco of 2009.

It was at my UChicago summer camp, and in the first few days the counselor's had organized a trip to Ghirardelli's. I'd asked around and it seemed like a lot of people were going, but the day of, my roommates/friends decided not to go because of too much work (yeah, right), but I rushed to join other "people" anyways. 

Big mistake. In the rush of signing out and whatnot, I realized I was the only girl. Not to mention the only other people going was a group of guys living in my hall who I did not know. At all. And I was awkwardly sitting on the bus/El there and back, without anyone talking to me, eating my ice cream in solitude.

Needless to say, I can never go back to the Ghirardelli's at Water Tower without remembering the awkwardness of that event.

I still like the free samples, though.

"Страна Лимония" попуоярна

Почитала газету "Страна Лимония". Очень интересная, жалко, что небольшая. Всё, что в ней пишется, интересно каждому жителю Первомайского. Я живу в Ленинградской области. Многие жители там думают, что вся провинция спилась, т.к. только об этом пишут газеты и показывает телевидение. Я ходила в молодости в клуб Степана Халтурина, мои дети учились в школе №10. Тогда это был оживлённый посёлок и очень было жаль, что он приходил в запустение. А сейчас жизнь снова приходит в норму, народ живёт, а не выживает, люди имеют разносторонние интересы и "Страна Лимония" об этом рассказывает. Я верю, что со временем в посёлке будет работать школа и Дом культуры, восстановят стадион, ведь такое неравнодушное поколение подрастает в Первомайском.
Большое спасибо редактору, К. Плишкину и его команде за то, что они поддерживают веру в лучшее своей газетой, не забывают своих земляков.
Сама я до 1983 года жила в Успенском, а сейчас в Приозёрском районе Ленинградской области.
21.09.2011 В.Г. Миренкова
Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?

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Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Многие студенты ездят за границу, участвуя в волонтерских проеках. И в России тоже люди с удовольствием этим занимаются. Жаль, наши власти не оказывают никакой ощутимой помощи в организации и финансировании проектов, как правило, все идет на голом энтузиазме. Хотя, вроде "Проект "Зеленая Революция" (на базе ВГУ на средства гранта Благотворительного Фонда В. Потанина)" занимается восстановленим лесов ( - значит. помогают хоть немного
чёрный квадрат

Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Да есть. Я сам волонтёр, а как известно, волонтёры бывшими не бывают. Помощь везде нужна, хоть пенсионерке огород вскопать, хоть собрать средства для операции, тяжело больному, ребёнку.

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

What was the most embarrassing day of your life?

There have been way too many of them to choose one single "most embarrassing" day of my life. However, I will relate an extremely embarrassing thing that happened at work on Wednesday.

One of my co-workers was munching some popcorn, and I thought to myself, "Hey, I have a box of microwave popcorn in my desk." So I got out a bag of microwave popcorn and went into the kitchen, where I started talking to Amy and Aaron. While I talked I just tossed the bag of popcorn into the microwave and set the timer, not really paying attention to what I was doing.

Just as the microwave's timer beeped, Aaron said, "Hey, look -- smoke." When I opened the microwave, smoke poured out. When I opened the bag of what used to be popcorn (BAD idea) even more smoke poured out. Another co-worker, Arlene, suggested pouring water on it, but that didn't stop the smoke from continuing to pour out. I eventually just tossed it in the garbage can and went back to work because coffee break was over.

The windows in the kitchen don't open, so there was no real way to get rid of the smoke. Management ended up getting an industrial-sized fan to try to get rid of it. I offered to arrive at work early the next day to clean it -- it wasn't damaged, just smelly and yellow inside -- but when I arrived at work on Thursday I saw that it had been removed, probably because of the smell.

What I think must have happened is that I put the bag in upside-down. I know I didn't cook it for too long, because the instructions on the package said "between two and four minutes" and I put it in for three minutes. I remember someone deliberately put a bag of popcorn upside down in the microwave when I was at Bridges many years ago, just to see what would happen, and something very much like this happened.

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

What was the most embarrassing day of your life?

I don't usually answer these Writer's Block questions but it's so related to what been bothering me for the past weeks...past month?

It was last month, I think, if my memory's not being greedy. My Superstar came out of once classroom after dance practice. And as we usual, I ran to him and asked him how he was doing. Now that I think about it, he did look extra-exhausted at that time. He went over to the row of armchairs in front of the classroom and sat on one of them, shrugging, and telling me nothing's new.

"Nothing? Eh bakit parang pumapayat ka pa ata lalo?" That's what I told him.

And he answered me with an awkward smile. "Depressed eh."

And this is the embarassing part. I tried to hug him and he pulled away. I tried to hug him TWICE and he asked me--politely--not to because he was sweating.

Agh. Even now as I'm thinking and writing about it, I'm trembling.

After that, I hid from him for about a week. Whenever I see him in the corridors, I ran away. Most of the time, literally.

And in relation to this, I'd like to mention what I had encountered in the only application in Facebook I visit regularly: God Wants You To Know

I want to slap this to his face. You see this, huh? You have to see this and know that it's because of you I'm in need of redemption!

A week after that embarassing incident, I was talking to one of our common friends in front of that same classroom. I had no choice this time. I knew I might see him there but what can I do? My classmates were practicing in the room next to it and that friend asked me how our class was doing.

And then he came out. Perfect timing. And I wasn't able to resist it. I stared at him as he came out of the classroom and he stole me away from that friend. I'm sorry. He did look so perfect in his dancing clothes. I couldn't resist pointing out how handsome he is, too. But he simply laughed, modest as always, held my hand and twirled me. My head was so clouded, I can't remember what we were talking about. There's my redemption.

Sounds too much like a fairytale, right? Well, ladies, fairytales do happen. It's just that for some princesses, they don't end happily. Whose fault is it? Usually it's their own.

Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Смотря о каком волонтерстве идет речь. Если людьми откровенно пользуются в своих корыстных целях - это одно. А если нужна помощь хорошим людям, то почему бы и нет. Другое дело, что народ сейчас подозрительный, и старается не участвовать в мероприятиях, которые им лично ничего не дают. Мы медленно переходим в законы джунглей - слабых в пищу и каждый за себя. Так что будущего у волонтерства нет.

Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?
Сугубо положительно. Волонтёрство в России только встаёт на ноги, но имеет большое будущее. Очень полезная и занятная вещь. Я и сам, возможно, скоро стану волонтёром, т.к. подал заявку на тестовые испытания в Сочи этой зимой.
Ну вылитый
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Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?

1)в целом -положительно и 2) слабое. И вот почему:
Настоящих волонтеров - не так уж и много, т.к. это люди определенного склада характера и культуры, к тому же обладающие достаточным временем для совершения "добрых дел" (либо молоды и не обременены семьей и семейными заботами, зарабатыванием денег либо работники "творческих" профессий со свободным графиком, для которых волонтерство - это часть их самореализации, часто достаточно обеспеченные, иногда - это внешняя часть "профессионального имиджа").
В этличии от более стабильного Запада, в России многие думают что надо успеть сделать что-то для себя и своей семьи, детей, т.к. не знаешь что с тобой и страной будет завтра. В этой неопределенности трудно прорастать семенам человеколюбия и "активного" сострадания (делать что-то конкретное для других). Культура.. Трудно представить себе волонтера,оставляющего мусор в лесу, хамящего старикам...К сожалению, наметившаяся в России духовная деградация не способствует повышению культуры и не способствует развитию волонтерства...

Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Я отношусь очень положительно. Плохо только, что подобным не многие предпочитают заниматься. Не знаю как в России, но в Украине это не столь популярно, да и то только в студенческих кругах. Люди считают это пустой тратой времени, хотят только прибыль получать от всех своих действий. Жадность людская не знает предела 
тушь, Silvia Pelissero

Вопрос дня: Мультфильм

"Шепот сердца" самый-самый любимый. этот мультфим пропитан таким теплом, такой добротой и романтикой, что его можно смотреть не один раз. Хаяо Миядзаки и студия "Гибли" просто великолепены))
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Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?
да,конечно же,это нужное дело! Только еще б до всех дошло,что многие косяки в России исправить можно только на добровольных началах. Все ведь в это нелегкое,суетливое время думают о коммерческой стороне вопроса-выгодно,или нет...
Just follow me
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Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?
   Увы, - но вряд ли. Нет предпосылок в нынешнем обществе к общественным работам в широком масштабе. А те,что есть ....
  ...Тут стоит рассчитывать токмо на силу духа и воли, и веру.

Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?
волонтерство возможно в том случае, когда человек может свое свободное время потратить на него, имея нормальный адекватный доход.

либо , если люди готовы из принесенных денег тобой лично выплачивать процент от денег( я не говорю про 100 рублей и т.п.). потому что у людей есть в любом случаем затраты. а меня тут недавно меркантильной назвали из-за того, что захотев принести людям денег, спросила : 5 % возможно получить?
Россия....темные люди....( говорю не про всех)

Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?
Пока на первом месте в России капиталистический эгоизм и индивидуализм чистосердечного волонтерства не будет. 
тушь, Silvia Pelissero

Вопрос дня: Брак

Что такое счастливый брак?
Счастливай брак заключается во взаимопонимании, когда оба любящих человека прислушиваются к мнению друг друга. В нем нет слов один, одна, по одиночке - только вместе. У брака есть 3 стадии. Первая - начало совместной жизни, год или два. Второй - рождение ребенка. И третий - самый прекрасный, когда оба партнера понимают, что они любят по настоящему и проживают всю оставшуюся жизнь))

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

What was the most embarrassing day of your life?
I've had plenty of embarrassing moments, but one moment in particular comes to mind. It was my first day of junior high and I was excited because it was a new chapter in my life and I wanted to make a good impression. I really wanted to make a change within myself and my appearance. I was a tomboy back then and my mom hated going shopping so she would pay my cousin to go school shopping for my brother and I. That morning I put on a dress. I was late for my first day of school because I had to enroll. Before I walked into the class the teacher greeted me nicely. Once I walked into the class I saw a lot of familiar faces and then all of a sudden everyone in the class started laughing at me. I was so lost and confused. I later on found out that it was because my dress was really short and I guess they could see my panties.  
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Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?
Волонтерство - это конечно замечательно. Но заметив слово "конечно" - вы наверное быстро смекнули с каким недоверием я отношусь к подобному роду благих намерений населения. Благие то они благие, однако дальше идей, по большому счету, это никуда не идет. Организация проектов слабая, не продуманная до технических мелочей. Юношеский максимализм безусловно спровоцировать не сложно, но дальше то им нужно грамотно руководить, направлять, обещать и выполнять! А эти самые выше стоящие заводилы, сами не многим старше поколения next, явно не до конца осознают всю перспективность затеи, вот и пускают многое на самотек. Да и пропаганда подобных добрых дел не велика в общедоступных источниках информирования. Вот и получается явная нерезультативность, хотя идея то - светлая, нужная, близкая народу, духу, социализму, недавно покиновшему нас, русских людей. Так что, дорогие возбудители темы, хочу от себя пожелать волонтерству процветания, долголетия и финансирования самыми опытными и успешными людьми нашего дружного государства.
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Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

What was the most embarrassing day of your life?
Haha, I remember one time, while I was seated between two friends of mine, when I was a 6th grader, Michelle and a dude, I needed to fart, really-really badly, so I aimed my butt at the dude and farted at him. I realized what I had done when I saw Michelle laughing and announcing to the class "Kadiri 'tong si James hahaha!" (James is so disgusting hahaha!)

Old Fartsy: Never Again >:( hahaha! :D


Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Игрушка для стран,в которых живет обеспеченное всем необходимым население. Если после выборов выкинут ЕдРо и придет партия действительно думающая о богатстве населения. Тогда лет через 10-20... 
Шагал, Марк, лицо, фотограф, Марк Шагал
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Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?
У добровольного волонтёрства нет будущего. людям нужно платить за работу. а не экономить на низших слоях населения.
и депутатам нужно снизить зарплаты, и оставшиеся излишки добавить в зарплаты соц. работников, в школах и детских домах.
или платить "волонтёрам".
"волонтёрство" - это надувательство. каждый человек должен получать деньги за работу. а в России прикрываются словом "волонтёр", чтобы съэкономить на тех, на ком не стоит экономить.
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Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

За всю россию ответить не могу.Если человек адекватный,любит жизнь и людей-он будет делать хорошие дела без показной публичности-и не важно как вы это назовёте,волонтерством .или просто помощью...чё-то импортное словечко ВОЛОНТЕР не нравицца,А добрые дела лелать надо,ни в коем случае не расчитывая на ответную благодарность..

Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?
С волонтерским движением я сталкивалась и в России, и в Америке. Зная его основы, сама не раз принимала посильное участие в благородных волонтерских делах. Была в лагерях, где ребят - старшеклассников, студентов обучают этому. Видела становление этого движения у нас в городе, и когда работала в газете, не раз писала о замечательных ребятах, добровольно помогающих тем, кто в их помощи остро нуждается! Какие это были хорошие, инициативные, интересные молодые люди !!! Мне всегда приятно было сталкиваться с этой темой в жизни, так как она по духу мне близка! Помогать тому, кому помощь жизненно необходима, что может быть действеннее и благороднее того, что ты своими делами приносишь счастье, радость ближнему?! От этого сам заряжаешься положительными эмоциями и жизнь свою делаешь ярче, значимее! У волонтерского движения есть будущее в России, так как наш народ не равнодушный к чужой беде и всегда готов помочь и подставить плечо слабому, поддержать его не физически, так морально - в этом есть наша главная национальная черта характера - отзывчивость, сердобольность, неравнодушное отношение к чужому горю!
dark queen

Writer's Block: Red-faced Rebel

What was the most embarrassing day of your life?
I've had so many doozies, it's hard to pick the worst - very little embarrasses me anymore, but one that comes to mind was when I was about sixteen.

I rode motorbikes then. It was summer, and my mum had sent me down to the local swimming pool to pick up my younger sister to bring her home for tea.

The swimming pool was surrounded by cyclone wire fencing, so you could see in, and everyone could see out. I pulled into the car park, parked my bike, and walked over to the fence, called my sister over, and told her she had to come home. While I was doing this, I saw this boy that I had an enormous crush on up on the high diving board, and he saw me, and smiled and waved, and let others past as he just stood up there looking at me - he liked me too, but we were a bit shy with each other.

My sister said she'd walk home with her friends, so, feeling a bit flustered because this boy was looking at me, I went back over to my motorbike, started it, and took off, sort of hoping he'd be impressed that I was on my new motorbike.

Well, I impressed him alright - I'd just gotten the bike, and I forgot it had a wonky steering lock - you had to wiggle the handlebars or it would click and lock the bike took off, but went round in a tight circle before dumping me unceremoniously on my bum!

I was mortified, though not injured, just a very bruised ego - all the little kids laughed their heads off, and the fellow seemed to lose interest in me after that...

I had to pick myself and the bike up, and then shamefacedly tootle out of the car park to the howls of laugher.

So much for 'She's a rebel, and she'll never ever be any good'...

Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?
Волонтерство - это самое важное в нашей жизни!Нужно всегда помогать тем которые нуждаются в нашей помощи!"

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

One day, we had a bus evacuation drill. I'm terrified of heights. Have you ever seen how high the buses are? We were all jumping off the back exit. When it was my turn, I promptly lunged out of the bus, like Superman when he flies. According to my friend, I shut my eyes, stretched my arms out and actually lunged out of the bus. The two security guards had to catch me or something.
Of course, that wasn't all that happened that day.
Around third period-ish, I was heading to class and decided to use the "bad staircase." (It's the most crowded one of the day). I was rushing up, and sort of fell up the stairs. I hit my head on the stairway, and people began laughing at me. LOL. Needless to say, I was mortified. I picked my stuff up and ran up completely and thoroughly humiliated. 
...that's twice in one day.
Now, when we were dismissed from lunch, I ran to catch up with someone.
Okay, not really. She was hugging her boyfriend and I wanted to be a creep. :) Anyways, there was water on the ground near the restroom. As I was running, I wiped out and landed flat on my derriere. It was one of those stereotypical cartoon wipeouts, and it seemed to happen in slow motion. 

I fell a total of three times that day :p

Writer's Block: The last bite

What would be your last meal?
hey, didn't they ask this question on here once before? Fuck, I've submitted questions to the writers block, and they ignore them, and when they can't find questions to ask, they go back to the old. Incredible.

But I will bite, maybe something spicy, like Moroccan, or Thai, that way, I can leave a little something behind, or maybe beans, that way, if I explode, they have have something to remember me by.
air compressor, silent

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

many embarrassing events in my dictionary and I do not remember all. It was my first day to come to the junior school and really did not know where the washroom was,and worse was no signs there,so I had to choose one,unluckily,I was totally wrong and went in to men's side.everyone can imagine how embarrassing I am.
After so many years,I can still remember that day.I wonder if anyone has the same experience with me

Writer's Block: The last bite

Humm this is a good question considering there are quite a few foods that I truly fancy!
 If I really had to choose, I would choose having my last meal at the Windber Hotel and I would go big
and I would have Mac and Cheese Bites as an appitizer, BBQ Chicken stromboli and pizza and for dessert I would have the fried cheese cake, then I could die a happy woman.

Writer's Block: The last bite

What would be your last meal?

A veggie burger with loads of mayonnaise and salad, a great big pile of chips, corn-bread, a vegemite sandwich and a big pile of toffee cupcakes!

I don't usually eat this much in one sitting, or like, ever, but hell, it's my hypothetical last meal. I'll eat what I want and take my time doing it! Just don't watch me eating it. Seriously. I hate it when people lurk nearby and watch while I'm eating.
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Writer's Block: The last bite

What would be your last meal?
This strikes me as such a strange question. Other than those few facing execution, how do you know when your meal will be your last?? If you are sick enough to know that your days are numbered, are you well enough to eat a last meal?? But if I were asked "What would you WANT for your last meal?", it would probably be my sister-in-law's Italian cooking!!

Writer's Block: The last bite

What would be your last meal?

I would want to go to a Japanese steakhouse, buy out the entire place so it's just me and whoever I choose to bring, thus no crying kiddies when the cook puts on his show.

I suppose I'd get teriyaki chicken, but I wouldn't mind filet Mignon and some lobster on the side... but merely to pick at, the teriyaki chicken, rice, garlic noodles... oh god the garlic noodles... If I could have a single solitary bite of food before I died it would be the garlic noodles from Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse at Lake Norman, NC.

I would die happy.

Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Здравствуйте! Я думаю, что волонтёрство - это очень хорошая вещь. Сама пару раз была волонтёром на концертах и даже на первенстве  России по дзюдо! Хотелось бы поехать волонтёром в Сочи на Олимпиаду.... Ещё очень хочется помогать детям, но пока страшновато, да и времени не очень хватает...
Помогать - это здорово! Думаю, если грамонтно организовывать действия волонтёров, то в России у этого дела неплохое будущее)))

Writer's Block: The last bite

What would be your last meal?
It would be a mix of all kinds of food! Well it would also take a whole day to finish! LOL... let's see what would it be:
Definitely would have Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and I guess some American food too.

Lau lau, squid luau, poi (at least 2 days old), lomi salmon, haupia, kulolo, poke, pipikaula, onions w/Hawaiian salt, hmm...I guess this is all of 'ono's menu!

Cake noodle, manapua, rice cake, pork hash, crispy gau gee, almond cookies, flounder with ginger and green onions, lup chong and rice.

sushi sushi sushi! can't even begin to think which ones....prolly all!! and soba, and miso soup, and mochi, and unagi, and tempura, and sashimi, and mom's ozoni!!

kal bi, meat jhun, kim chee, taegu, seaweed, oh...all the veggies from Gina's I guess....mandoo, squash jhun, yea...Gina's special!

American....i guess apple pie, custard pie, ice cream, cheeseburger deluxe (might even add kimchee for a kimchee burger), vanilla milkshake, crinkle cut french fries with ketchup! I'm hungry. Maybe a trip to Chinatown during lunch.
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Writer's Block: Just stop, already!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

You wage war with me if you go slow in the fast lane, then speed up once I move to the right to bypass you. AND THEN you keep pace with the car next to you. What do people get out of that? I really don't understand.

I almost purposely rammed a car into the median that did that once. It was April, 2010. My Dad had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a month earlier and had been in the hospital for 6 weeks. I had left the hospital in Philadelphia and gone back to work in Washington, DC that morning. Less than 8 hours later, my Mom called and asked me to come back to the hospital. I really needed to be there; Dad had made a sharp turn for the worse and was sliding fast. And so, I started my frantic drive back north. During this drive, some ass hole decided to stone wall me. I'm trying to get to the hospital before my Dad died, and this ass hole in a black Ford 250 kept pace with the car in the right lane at something like 40 mph. When I'd switch two lanes over, the ass would speed up and keep pace with me. Seriously. What do people get out of doing this? At one point, I was so frantic, I wanted to swerve him into the median, but then I'd never get home.

After 15 miles of this, he got stuck behind some slow cars and a wall of trucks. I slipped through the wall of trucks in the nick of time. I didn't see him again.

I used to get merely agitated with such things, but now I get furious to no end and have no tolerance. Such things bring back all the frantic anxiety of that stressful night.

What do people get out of doing that?

Writer's Block: The last bite

What would be your last meal?
1 Oyakudonburi(Japanese food-also known as oyakudon and consists of rice,chhicken and eggs),
2 Sushi(all the kinds-maki,temaki,etc) 
3 an amazing -absolutely delicious pasta that I ate at Argostoli(at Kefallonia-a Greek island located at the Ionian Sea) but can't remember the name right now(sob^4)
4 my mom's pumkin pie(don't mean to brag but it is to die for)
5 crepes with milk chocolate and walnuts
6 pancakes with caramel syrop and vanilla or caramel ice-cream
7 Jap Jae(Korean)
8 corn soup(Chinese)
9 I'll stop here because the list is getting too big and I'll either attact the fridge(which doesn;t have any of these in it[ :'( ]) or my drool will destroy my computer.....whichever happens first
All the previous are accompanied by either red wine,chocolate milk,sake or white tea

P.S.:not necessarily in this order\(>_<)/

Writer's Block: R.I.P

What do you want done with your body after you die?
well I'm not going to be a Donor for other people cause thats just will be a bit like frankenstein putting dead body parts on/in someone thats a life thats just weird for example you need a new hart or something you will have the hart of someone who's dead ...I mean freaky right
Wizzard hat

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

What was the most embarrassing day of your life?
Hands down it was the day that I told my mom & dad that I had got married. Now it wasn't so much that I got married, but that I married a man who was in the county jail, awaiting trial for a previous bank robbery. Lets just say it didn't go over real well, and to this day it still isn't even acknowledged, even though we are divorced and this was over 13 years ago. My wedding was done by the judge, and my husband was standing next to me in shackles and the ugliest orange jumpsuit you ever did see.The only time he had a hand free was when he had to sign the marriage certificate. Honeymoon well I cryed ,got drunk, and cryed some more... Hows that story for ya?

Вопрос дня: Волонтерство

Как вы относитесь к волонтерству? Есть ли у него будущее в России?
Волонтёрство - это очень полезная вещь! Но многие просто не хотят с добрыми намерениями помогать кому-то (чему-то), всем бы денег побольше!!!
Но всё же находятся ещё у нас в стране такие люди, которые готовы бескорыстно помогать! 

Writer's Block: I'm not a bully but...

We've all said something mean at some point in our lives. We may not be bullies but we may not always be nice. Write an apology to someone you've hurt in past.
wauw okay I'm not realy a Bully but I do like to be mean and I probably do have some people to apologize to...but we know thats never gonna happen!:P sorry I'm just realy good in apologizing to someone and I don't even know who to realy apologize to so...