December 20th, 2011

{{IC}} Writer's Block: Career paths

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Well....let's see....

It's obvious, isn't it?! I'm destined to become a genius idol programmer! Ah-ha-ha-ha...

No, I should take this seriously. All right. Well.

Working with computers would be ideal, I guess....I like mixing music for Yamato-san's band, so maybe a techno producer! ...but there isn't a steady income to be found in that, is there? Ahhh....maybe that can be my secret passion. By day, innocuous office worker, by night - underground music superstar~!

I don't really like the "office worker" part of that, though. And anyway, I already have the most important job in the whole world. Though I can't exactly put "Chosen Child, helped save world" on a resumé.....

Ah, well, I'm only an almost-middle-schooler! For all I know I'll grow up to become a love~ly housewife with a million adorable children! And a doting, handsome husband I give backrubs to after a hard day at work....heee....

Won't somebody rub my back for me too, though?!

Writer's Block: Career paths

There are a lot of career paths i wanna try out...
but to be honest aside from the path that i choose which is being an educator;

I wanted to become a LAWYER.

or in this category, I wanna tryout and be an EDITOR on a publishing company.

...or a writer.

I wanna be an ALCHEMIST. LOL /shots/just kidding,
i wanna be someone who is being looked up to of ANYONE.
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
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Вопрос дня: Праздник

Ваш любимый праздник?
Первый день весны.
И плевать что в календаре его не выделяют цветом.
Хотя жаль. Я десяток "официальных" праздников на это променял бы не раздумывая.

Writer's Block: Career paths

Ah... I've been asking my self this question for the last 6 or 7 years..
I can't seem to find it. I do well at almost everything I'm given. Except arts which I can't even go near since I was a kid.
The problem is that I'm already studing commerce and decided on finance as a major because it is the hardest in our university and it has a good job opportunities in my country.
I love technology, I want to work in any video game, laptops
I would like to work behind the scenes, its the best.
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Writer's Block: Festival of Lights

Since I'm not Jewish I don't really celebrate Hannukah, but in elementary school my principal was Jewish. She came to our class and gave us Chocolate coins and taught us how to play the Dreidel Game. I always had so much fun playing the game. I would always look forward each year to learning how to play the game.
What do you love about Hanukkah?
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Вопрос дня: ВТО

ВТО это мировой клуб по интересам для людей занимающихся производством и торговлей. Причём торговля нефтью и газом сюда не входит, это другой клуб. И что у нас производится и чем мы там будем торговать? И как мы можем быть с другими странами в этом вопросе на равных, при таких мизерных уровнях промышленного производства? Вот вопрос.
Вступление России в ВТО это хорошо или плохо?

Writer's Block: Career paths

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
I think I'd have to go with “Forsenic Scientist“ because that's that one constant, thing I've always wanted to do! Just all the DNA analyzing, and the examining the crime scene, and documenting it. Everyone keeps saying to me, its nothing like CSI. I know its not, its completely different and a lot more intense, and that's the reason I'd want to do it. If that fails then my 2nd carear choice would be a tatoo artist, because I can draw really well, I got an A higher in art, so I'm pretty decent lol. Then I'd work my way up and eventually learn peircings too, then I'd be a jack of all things body art.

Writer's Block: Festival of Lights

What do you love about Hanukkah?

   I always feel warm inside when malls and stores and restaurants put up Hannukah displays. Growing up with a Christian dad and a Jewish mom, I always felt kind of caught in between the two. It's easy to get lost in the Christmas spirit since it's so prevalent in our culture and at least half of me belongs with the people who celebrate it, so when I see somebody else displaying Hannukah spirit, it's like everything comes full circle, and I feel complete.

   Heart flutters and arrhythmia have still been going on. I bent down at work today just to pick up a receipt I dropped, and I had the sensation that my heart stopped beating (as if it went hollow or caved in). When I stood back up, I had a few weird heartbeats and then everything went back to normal. Later in the day, as I was getting tired and tense, I started feeling strained heartbeats and pain in the muscles around my rib cage. My head was also hurting and I was feeling tired, so I just threw in the towel and did a half-assed, lazy, confrontation-avoiding job for the rest of the day. I am NOT dropping dead at 24 because some crotchety old bitch wants to bark at me for seating her in the same general vicinity as children, when she chooses to dine in a well-known family restaurant.
   My grandpa (doctor) says its probably fibrillation caused by stress and a lack of sleep. Wouldn't surprise me. I've been trying so hard lately to be a rock star at everything (art, work, school, money saving, social life, beauty/style, gift-giving, future-planning) that I've basically overexhausted myself and only have done no better than a half-finished job at anything.
   So I probably shouldn't have agreed to work an hour+ earlier every day or give up my entire New Year's weekend for something as shallow as more hours/money. And I probably shouldn't be up at 12:30 AM when I have to be AT work in 9.5 hours. But everytime I've tried to shut the computer down, I get another idea/epiphany/worry and had to work on, stress about or fix it, and where the hell did all the time go?
   I swear, I'm just going to shut down cold turkey and go to sleep now.

   I'll update about maybe less-boring things tomorrow.

Вопрос дня: Праздник

Уж не знаю, уважаемые, но как по мне - праздники в этой стране весьма сомнительны. Новый год всем хорош если бы не его сумасшедшее количество выходных дней, вместе с рождеством, которое почему то государственный праздник. Но ведь мы живем в светском государстве (ст14. Конституции)  - зачем праздновать если у нас нет обязательной религии? Почему Курбан-байрам должны отмечать все жители Чечни? Там ведь не все мусульмане.
8 марта как и 23 февраля - сексистские праздники. Да и зачем поздравлять с 23 оболтусов не державших ничего тежелее геймпада и упоротых барышень, без морали  и понятия женских ценностей?
Не понимаю и тех кто любит праздновать свою старость. Зачем?
День России 12 июня?
Не смешите.
Ваш любимый праздник?

Вопрос дня: Career paths подарок

деньги(как долговое обязательство и превосходство естественно над другими людьми) Вас всегда радуют или подарок это то чем можно воспользоватся прямо сейчас;выбор не всегда точен по теории вероятности идти нужно всегда одним выбранным путем тогда будет результат в точку.
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
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Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

What is on your holiday wish list this year? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]
Nothing. In other words, I have no need. Too much 'stuff' enslaves, so I have been giving 'stuff' to the Salvation Army. They are usually the first on the scene after a hurricane. That makes them special in my book. I'm really trying to get rid of more and more stuff, so my holiday wish list is to have more of nothing.

Writer's Block: Career paths

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

System integrator or Navy Seal.

i'm close to becoming a System Integrator so whatever. Big bucks. Gets to work on his/her own time in automation. Lone wolf type of job, or at most has a partner.

Navy Seal. Meh. i'm not physically fit enough and i don't like the idea of having to join the military first. i highly disagree with the haircut grooming standards (but i don't mind everything else). i wouldn't wanna have to live on base either, and have to deal with my teammates 24/7. No matter how much i'll bond with them, i wouldn't wanna spend most of my life surrounded by them.

Aside from those downsides i would've really wanted to be a Navy Seal, or in the Marines at least. It'd be like airsoft everyday, except... you die if you get hit hahaha. i don't really mind, sometimes i wouldn't know if i'd have anything better to do.

You might ask, if i'm such a lone worker, why didn't i say Marine Scout Sniper instead? Well, i don't like sitting and waiting for my targets. i have no patience for that. i enjoy the heat of close quarters combat, although i wouldn't really know what real battles are like.

If i were to have to compromise with my dream job and settle with the Marines i'd prolly be a designated marksman. i shoot better and faster than most people (in CQC and long range) even with the M4/M16/Armalite*. No scopes, no fancy pansy shit red dots, acogs, etc. Iron sights. While my competition uses all those stupid gadgets. Dumb fucks.

i can usually beat, in an accuracy competition, people using scopes or red dots with just my iron sights.

Why did i put an asterisk on the M4/M16/Armalite phrase? COZ I'M HANDICAPPED WITH THAT GUN. Give me a fucking G36 AND I'LL SHOW YOU THE MEANING OF SHARP SHOOTING.

i base most of my accuracy on target shooting or airsoft matches. i've never been in actual combat but i think compared to most people aspiring for the armed forces i have a head start.

How good at i at sniping (in airsoft) you may ask? WELL. An opponent with a 5x scope engages me from cover, only his head is seen. i do not have a clear shot from where i'm hiding. I BLATANTLY WALK OUT OF COVER AND KNEEL IN THE OPEN. He fires three shots, they all miss. i fire one and nail him in the head. And yes, i'm using iron sights.

Writer's Block: White air

No. Not at all. Which is very unfortunate. I love snow. I used to live in the US and have snow and make snow angels and all. But we migrated to the Philippines so now all we have is like. Rain and Sunshine ALL YEAR LONG. And it's freaking December but it's so freaking hot. I think I'm gonna die of heat stroke. BLEARGH. It's so bleargh.
Is it snowing where you are right now?

Writer's Block: Career paths

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

A spy.

There, I said it.

I've always been fascinated by espionage. I know real espionage is nothing like what I see in movies but goddamn, I really, really want to be a spy. Maybe an analyst working on counter-intelligence. I'd probably be depressed as hell working that job and would have a high shrink bill every year, but I dream of it. And I think I would make a pretty good one - Slytherin, remember? - so I really wish I could be one.

Sometimes, I would be in the car, look out the window, catch sight of a person, and wonder, "Oh, he looks so carefree. I also look carefree. Who knows what kind of national security threats we're facing right now? I wonder who's working to deal with that thing? Could this guy I'm looking at be one of them? Could he be disguised as a layman when he's actually a George Smiley to the country's intel agency? It's possible." I was probably delusional but it's something I think about from time to time.

Then again, it could that I've just seen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and I really enjoyed that movie. The last 2 MI movies have been pretty crappy. MI2 and MI3 were ridiculous - a joke, really - but MI4 not only redeemed that crappiness but as a standalone installment it was fun and thrilling. It had many nods to the first Mission Impossible film, which I liked immensely, such as this actor who appeared in the first MI movie and appeared again in this one doing the exact same thing as he'd done in the series opener. And half of the movie was set in Eastern Europe and that was a throwback to old-school spy movies. The entire Kremlin sequence was fantastic from beginning to end (I would watch the movie again just to see this sequence the second time) and the Dubai sequence was as awesome as the trailer made it out to be.

Also, Jeremy Renner's backside? It's an effing national treasure. (At least, it should be.)

There was great chemistry between the actors - Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton and Tom Cruise - and I wish, if they're still going to make another one, they would stick to this group.

Just dispense with the unnecessary sappiness that showed up here and there concerning Ethan Hunt's love life and you have the perfect MI movie.

(I seriously want Simon Pegg's Benji's job. It's so cool what that guy can do with technology. And scary. I loved it.)
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Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: Career paths

I have mentioned this before, but here goes anyway :)

My absolute dream job would be a sign language interpreter. One of our family friends is deaf, and I learnt to sign so I could interact with him better. He and his wife say I'm actually really good, but if I wanted to work, I would need to go to the right school. Problem is (besides my health problems) that there isn't a suitable school near enough. So I can't really get the right education. Well, at least I have a useful skill since I can communicate with deaf people rather well :)

As a bonus, here's a video by a Finnish artist Signmark, who happens to be deaf. In my opinion, he uses sign language in a really cool way. Songs are my favourite things to sign, because I can just let go and feel and show emotions :)


Writer's Block: Festival of Lights

What do you love about Hanukkah?

Happy Hanukkah, Jewish friends! ILU <3

obvs I can't really answer this since I'm not Jewish, but I've always loved the candle-lighting part. The part where all the blue stuff (which is Jewish stuff bscly, you know it's what the stores are thinking, let's be real here) for the holiday season is always stuffed into one little like ~JEWISH AND ATHEIST CORNER~ amid the miles and miles of Christmas decorations is kind of sad.

-4:36 AM
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Writer's Block: Festival of Lights

What do you love about Hanukkah?

The story behind it. At least, what I remember of it, and I only got it from Newsday, each year. I was raised Roman Catholic, though I do not consider myself one now. We celebrated Christmas, and not Hanukkah. Still, there is a theme of the miraculous in it (at least, in the story I grew up with...I think it may be slightly different, but I may actually remember to do some reading this year!) that's rather sweet. You know, the versions they sometimes tell young goats.

I can see I have a bit of reading to do, since the Wikipedia entries are a lot longer, more involved and, or so it looks, entirely different from the one I grew up with, which was, I think, conservation at its finest; oil enough for one night as a light source, lasting for eight nights.

Although the dedication of the Temple sounds much more plausible. :3

All right now, time for coffee.
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Writer's Block: Career paths

If that'd be the case, I'd like to be a writer or a website designer. I'd also like to be a graphic artist too.

I googled "writing prompts" on google and the first website that came up is Creative Writing Prompts. I chose prompt #4 because I've always been fond of fairy tales. Heck, I had a large hardcover book of fairy tales when I was a kid. It's still in my bedroom.

And is it a coincidence that I'm buffering an episode of Fairy Tail right now? I think not.

So, prompt #4 is about changing the ending of the fairy tale "Cinderella", in which instead of the shoe fitting Cinderella perfectly, it fits one of the stepsisters. For your information, I renamed the characters. The names of the characters are listed below, so as to not confuse you.

Collapse )
And because the "short story" isn't exactly that short, I will continue the second chapter, later :)
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Writer's Block: Career paths

If I could escape somewhere with a warmer climate, where life was simpler and the world was safer, I'd do that. I'd be happy to live off the land and survive off the fruits of my labour. I'd be content with basics, in a world without peer pressure, fashion and conformity. And I'd be content to share all that with someone special.

Writer's Block: Festival of Lights

What do you love about Hanukkah?

I love that there's no contingent of furious Orthodox Jews claiming there's a "War on Hanukkah." Demanding certain greetings, ramming their version of the story down your throat, getting offended you don't celebrate it 'properly.'

(Also, no proselytizing. Jews FTW. If they could eat pork, I'd be Jewish. I swear.)
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Writer's Block: Career paths

I'd love to take Watsons place and go to adventures with Sherlock and then write about the cases.

I think that's pretty much the best it gets; to watch a genius at work and literature. yeah

Oh it had to be from this world? Um, direct fanfiction movies. With big budget and replica/real actors. :)
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
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Writer's Block: Bless you!

What are you allergic to?

T_T IDK!!!! it might be dust or it might be something outdoors something seasonal idk but every now and then i start sneezing and my nose gets a little stuffy then a few hours later or 1 day later at most it goes away o.O but idk what causes it T_T i wanna know so i can avoid it v.v

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