Roy Sherrill (Roy Sherrill) wrote in qotd_answers,
Roy Sherrill
Roy Sherrill

Writer's Block: Happy birthday Mr. President!

What is one thing that needs to be changed in your country?

congress and the president need to get thier heads out of each others backsides an take a real look at the economic problem. its not so much a growing national debt as a shrinking gross national produce. so many people are out of work there are not enough existing taxes to support the curent government spanding. they need to promote the growwth of industry and give the nation a worthwhile goal to stimulate businedd into creating jobs. wars dont do this. they cost more than they create. the world and not just the US needs to set a global goal like building an international base on the moon to explore mine and do experiments to expand human understanding, tecchnology and reach. mine the helium 3 needed for fusion reacters to create cheaper energy and mine the natural resources like titanium, cobolt and other minerals abundant on the moons surface to stimulate earthside construction , manufacturing and industry.

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