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Writer's Block: Happy birthday Mr. President!

What is one thing that needs to be changed in your country?

The U.S. needs so many things to be changed I am reluctant to list them all. Such changes would only be superficial (improved infrastructure, health-care, etc., although I do admit these things would be nice). We need some deep and lasting rejuvenation in order to have a chance of sustaining positive growth (and I am not talking about economic growth).

We require a paradigm shift from the instinctual emotion-based decision making we do and insist on a cohesive agreement on the kinds of thing we really need to actualize our lives, such as a fulfillment of material necessities and the toleration of each particular individual's existence within practical means for this goal. We must also lessen our use of ideals to shape other people. For example, we should no longer prescribe and proscribe behavior based on an idea of gender. Gender is not black and white, neither is sexuality, so why do we need a universal standard for these besides for purely communicative reasons?

These are just a few steps for each of us to find our own “language,” a way for us to express ourselves in a way that transforms the experiences we have had from interacting with our environment. We must free ourselves from the language of our masters and see what we are for who and what we are, see the connections and ideas that form them as the reality in which we live. Once we realize this, I believe we would be on a better and livable path.

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