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Writer's Block: Happy birthday Mr. President!

What is one thing that needs to be changed in your country?

I actually posted this as a rant last night but I think it fits here as well.

I don't follow any certain political party. I half-heartedly pay attention to the government issues. Truly I think most politicians are afraid to say this is what I think because they may not get the next vote. Well, this budget balancing and debt fiasco has my panties in a bunch. Brace yourselves I am about to piss some people off and others will be glad someone else finally said it.

America we are in debt. As a country we are spending more money then we make. This is not a good place to be. Its a sign of weakness not power. It is no different than an individual buying the newest cell phone, computer, fancier car than his neighbor, bigger house when he is already in debt of the last models of all these things and can't pay the bills coming in. He robs Peter to pay Paul. Debt collector are calling every hour. Paychecks being garnished. Utilities being shut off. Trying to get new credit lines because old ones are maxed out.

What that means is we have to make tough choices and give up things to get out of debt. We need to eat hot dogs and noodles for a while. Skip going to dinner out or watching the movie at the theater. We don't need to buy new clothes when we have a closet full already that fit and look nice. We don't need a new car because the one we have gets us from point a to point b without breaking down. We have to cut our budgets and use that money to get back to the black and create a savings. That means not putting money in a vacation fund and using it to pay the outstanding electric bill.

The government is going to have to do the same. Every budget category will have to be looked at and deep cuts made. EVERY category. That means services are going to have to be cut. Military is going to have to make due with last years model of air plane. That someone is going to have to say hey we can get the $10 toilet seat instead of the $50 one. Roads are going to have to be patched instead of resurfaced. Welfare programs will have to be cut some. No area is safe. Every area should experience cuts. No pet programs. Everyone will have to experience the tightening of the belt. Just a fact. Yes it sucks. Its not fun. Its no different than our personal budget.

With that being said, our personal budgets are going to be affected by this. Brace yourself now because it has to happen. We are in debt and can't depend on someone else (our government) to pay for our needs. The budget and debt crisis has to be fixed or it will only get worse. Then its a matter of keeping it fixed.

That means making better choices with money. Looking at what is the best use of health care, education, infrastructure, supplies, military, and other budget category money. We waste a lot. We abuse the system. We need to be accountable as individuals and as a government.

Every year we hear about social security having issues. Ok we are paying people that didn't pay any in. People are trying to live off of social security completely instead of using it as a supplement to savings and pension. When social security was created it was meant to supplement not be sole support. Three generations ago didn't get into debt. They made ends meet and lived within their means. They didn't go buy a a panini, a snowcone machine, and a donut deep fryer. They used the pans and pots they already had. They saved for rainy days. The next generation got more in debt, didn't save money and were going to be dependent on pensions and social security. They didn't bother to change the plan when companies stopped offering pensions and switched to 401ks. With 401ks they had to save their own money. They couldn't or wouldn't because they were in debt or trying to keep up with the Jones. Buy frivolous stuff that sets in a cabinet until it gets sold at a garage sale or thrown out. Now many are trying to live on a just social security while things like health care and utilities continue to be out of control. Mostly due to abuse, greed, and lack of integrity in improving methods and new ways of doing things. Social security is being given to people that never contributed. Don't even get me started on welfare. This generation is beginning to save and learn better financial ways but many feel like they are entitled to benefits just because they were there before. But they were offered because as a country we were living out of our means. Now its expected.

To put it blunt, we as individuals and a country need to develop severe allergies to debt and wasteful spending. We need to teach financial responsibility. We need to get our budgets in order. We need to take responsibility for ourselves.
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