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Writer's Block: Happy birthday Mr. President!

What is one thing that needs to be changed in your country?

 Well, well... this topic or thought is one that flows through my mind frequently especially since I commute over 200 miles a week just to spend a few hours with family.  My gripe is the rules of the road, I commute over HWY 152 and the incline is murder on the transmission.  However, that which makes its worse is when you have to come almost to a complete stop, and begin your climb again.  This stop and go up the hill is practically unavoidable simply because you have a 18 wheel truck that's supposed to be in the left lane changing lanes just so he or she can go four or five miles an hour faster.  WTF and if you commute you know what I am talking about I have yet to have replace my transmission, which I know will be expensive no way around not spending a grip, its cost's... now who in his or her right mind would want to spend a whole week or two of family vacation money on unnecessary auto repairs.  No one, thats who, and these truckers should respect the civilians whose tax money is going to keep these roads up.  He or she may be a tax paying civilian as well, however during these transmission murdering hill climbs he or she is on the time clock making money not wasting it, and they are not necessarily paying the road taxes at that particular moment.  Change the law Mr. Obama and let our families enjoy our vacation money (family memories yo) instead of having to drop a couple grand on transmission repair.  
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